Anhui Silk Co., Ltd.

Silk crinkle crepe, is our regular item and we have the stock in naturl white (PFP prepared for print, PFD prepared for dye). We can dye / print upun customized color / design. Usage: blouse, dresses, fashion fabric.

  • • plain weave, 100% silk
  • • warp: 3/20/22D, weft: 4/20/22D 23T/S
  • • density (counts per 10cms) - warp: 640, weft: 400
  • • weight 15m/m (65gsm)
  • • finishing: boiled off / natural

For more width and finishings Crinkle Silk

photo code or description weight width finishing
12398 15m/m 45' or 114cms natural, PFP, PFD
12399 16m/m 45' or 114cms natural, PFP, PFD
12398 dyed 15m/m 45' or 114cms dyed, in any color customized