Anhui Silk Co., Ltd.

Silk paj in 5m/m, is our regular item and we have the stock in naturl white (PFP prepared for print, PFD prepared for dye). We can dye / print upun customized color / design. It is perfect for scarves, handerchiefs, blouses, photo frames, lining & silk painting.

  • • plain weave 1 x 1, 100% silk
  • • warp: 1/20/22D, weft: 1/20/22D raw silk
  • • density (counts per 10cms) - warp: 690, weft: 470
  • • weight 5m/m, 21gsm (grams per square meter)
  • • finishing: boiled off / natural

For more width and finishings Paj

photo code or description width finishing
11102 36' or 91cms natural, PFP, PFD
11116 45' or 114cms natural, PFP, PFD
11384 55' or 140cms natural, PFP, PFD
11102 dyed 36' or 91cms dyed, in any color customized
11384 dyed 55' or 140cms dyed, in any color customized
11102 shade dyed 36' or 91cms shade dyed, a smooth transition from one color to another
paj scarf 90 x 180cms digital print with customized design / sizes, machine hemed or hand rolled with silk thread
11102 silk paper 36' or 91cms alum finished silk paper, for ancient Chinese painting art