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Suede is made from microsuede, or microfiber, is a man made fiber. It is a knit blend that is made from very fine fibers that can sometimes be a hundred times finer than human hair. These delicate fibers are tightly woven together to create a dense fabric that has many of the came qualities as suede leather. However, it is generally much easier to clean than real suede and is usually much softer, as well. It is often used on furniture because it is very resistant to dirt and can be very durable.

item yarns weight width
270T weft 75d*105d 140g/m 58'/60'
270T weft 75d*225d< 220g/m
290T warp 105d*75d 200g/m
290T warp 105d*150d 240g/m
290T warp 105d*300d 320g/m
290T stretchable 105d*150d+40d 240g/m
270T jacquard 75d*225d 220g/m
290T embossed 105d*150d 240g/m

  • • 1inch = 2.54cms
  • • Available in various colors
  • • Colors by Pantone# is workable
  • • Few things about fabric-ordering...